Types of Pollution in the Environment – To get a clean and safe environment to avoid various types of diseases, you must also be diligent in maintaining cleanliness. There are many types of pollution that occur in the environment that must be addressed immediately. Here are some of them

Air pollution

Air is one of the important elements in human life and other living things on earth. Air is needed by living things to breathe. Therefore, the air we breathe should have good quality.

Air pollution occurs due to the entry of pollutants into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the quality and function of the air.

Air pollution standards can be determined based on five main pollutants, namely carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), and dust particles.

Air pollution can come from various activities, including industry, transportation, offices, and housing.

The main cause of air pollution is the amount of industrial exhaust gases and motor vehicle fumes. Therefore, air pollution usually occurs in big cities and densely industrialized areas.

Water pollution

Water plays an important role in human life and other living things. Clean water is good water to meet all kinds of needs of organisms. Water pollution is the entry of substances or other components (pollutants) into the waters so that water quality decreases.

Polluted water causes water to be unusable and causes disease. Water pollution can come from industrial waste, household waste, agricultural waste, and mining waste. Industrial waste is very potential as a cause of water pollution.

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Soil Pollution

In general, soil pollution is caused by chemicals that are dumped into the ground directly. In addition, soil pollution can be caused by inorganic waste that cannot be decomposed, such as plastic, glass, and other metal materials.

Excessive use of pesticides is also a source of soil pollution. When a hazardous/toxic substance contaminates the soil surface, it can evaporate, be washed away by rainwater, and/or enter the ground.

Pollution that enters the soil is then deposited as toxic chemicals in the soil. Soil pollution comes from household waste, agricultural activities, and mining.