Things Taught by Parents to Protect the environment

Things Taught by Parents to Protect the environment – Waste production in Indonesia is becoming increasingly alarming. This condition is reinforced by the fact that there are still many people who dispose of garbage mixedly. In fact, 40 percent more organic waste and organic waste comes from food scraps. One way to protect the environment from an early age is not to waste food because it has an impact on the environment.

1. Giving understanding do not waste food

You can strengthen understanding and literacy of food. That food cannot be wasted and has benefits due to its nutrition for the health of the body.

The habit of children spending food must be maintained, yes! If there is still food left, you can use it for other things, such as turning it into animal food or making compost that is useful for plants.

2. Build empathy about the impact of wasting food

Preventing a large amount of food waste is very important so that the amount does not get worse. We can adopt a sustainable lifestyle in children, as simple as not wasting food because all food is valuable.

Also tell about the long journey of food, from where it comes to our plates, as well as other education about the environment and the earth that can be damaged by food waste.

3. Cultivate a sense of gratitude

Apart from the points above, an easy way that needs to be instilled in children is a sense of gratitude for the food they eat everyday, which is in front of them. Understanding from an early age is very important for the continuation of behavior as an adult.

“And the most important thing is gratitude that food is a gift given by God,” said Muhammad Fahrian Yovantra, Head of the Greeneration Foundation Program.

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4. Learning and discussing with children through reading books

Books are still an effective and interesting method for children to better understand a message in a fun and relevant manner. The story book “BANA – The Banana Walks” could be a parent’s choice to explain how to care for the environment by not wasting food.

The story revolves around the food life cycle and the food life management, that a food goes through a very long journey to get to the dinner table.

“I hope this book can get there because we will be the most affected by climate change, especially children,” hopes the author, Tini Martini.

5. Participate in online educational activities

Ways that Parents Can Teach to Protect the Environment Early on

You can take part in educational and useful online activities, especially to fill children’s weekends during a pandemic like now. One of them is a workshop held by IKEA,

This event will take place on Saturday (10/4/2021). The activity is in the form of a webinar for elementary school children about the importance of food and how to process waste.

Of course, parents have an important role in protecting the environment in a way that is closest to our lives, which is to give children an understanding of what food to eat so it is not wasted. Every food is worth throwing away.


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