The Right Way to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

The Right Way to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil – Cooking oil is the most commonly used ingredient for everyday cooking. Almost all types of cooking are made using cooking oil. When we fry food, surely the oil used for cooking will still set aside the rest. We think it can still be reused, but the remaining oil should not be re-cooked more than three times because it can turn into poison.

Therefore, not a few people end up throwing away leftover oil or used cooking oil for frying. But unfortunately, the waste or used cooking oil is still being disposed of carelessly, in fact, many still throw it in the sink.
In fact, the residual oil that is dumped in the sink can clog the water pipes. In worse conditions, the residual oil discharge in the sink can also contaminate waterways throughout the city. For those of you who are curious what are the tips for disposing of used oil, here’s how :

1. Let stand until the oil cools
Many people rush to throw away the oil when it is still hot, but it is very dangerous because the container used can melt and hit themselves. Therefore, let stand until the oil cools down. After that, you just proceed to the next step.

2. Storing oil in non-recyclable containers
Then you can transfer the oil to a non-recyclable container. One such container is a plastic bottle. However, you can also use milk cartons or paper containers. After that throw it in the special trash.

3. Pour into a Plastic Container
After that, pour the oil into a plastic container with a lid, such as a drink bottle. Or it could be used cans of sweetened condensed milk whose lids have not been fully opened.

Only then can the oil be thrown into the plastic trash can.

4. Freeze it
Freezing cooking oil can be another alternative option that you can do. This method is considered quite effective because you only need to put the used oil in a container and leave it in the freezer until it freezes. After that, you can throw it in a special dump.

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5. Combining oil with other waste
Next, you can try tips for combining oil with other waste. Some other examples of waste are sawdust, cat litter, tissue, sand paper, and so on. This method will help the oil to be absorbed by the waste so that it is easily disposed of.

6. Using oil solidifier
This oil solidifier is an ingredient that can be used to turn cooking oil into a denser one. This method will also simultaneously turn off the poisons in it. You can throw it to a special place after that.

7 . Mix with Ingredients
You can also get rid of cooking oil by mixing it with an absorbent material. For example, soil or cat litter. This way the oil will not spill everywhere.

8. Stop throwing away with other trash
Do not throw the oil directly with the garbage. Oil can interfere with the waste decomposition process.

Garbage will be difficult to decompose and have an impact on the environment.

9. Never throw oil in the sink
When intending to dispose of cooking oil, never pour it into the sink or directly into the drain. Even if you’ve broken down the oil with soap and hot water, it will still freeze after it cools and cause drain pipes and drains to clog.

Oil that is dumped into sewers will be carried to rivers, lakes, and even the sea. Along with the increase in waste oil, the oxygen content of the water will decrease and can kill the animals that live in it.


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