The Cause of People Hating us in the Neighborhood

The Cause of People Hating us in the Neighborhood – In the neighborhood where you live, you must be familiar with the neighbors. Moreover, living in a housing that is not too far from house to house. Usually, someone who is friendly with other people makes a place to live feel more comfortable.

However, it’s different if we don’t have good relationships with those around us. Not familiar with neighbors, or maybe not familiar with people around the house. Or even we have mingled with people around us but feel unhappy in the environment. It could be, these are some of the things that cause us to be disliked in the neighborhood where we live. Try to listen carefully.

1. Almost every time you meet other people, you are stingy in greeting

Most of the people probably don’t like people who talk a lot. But it is different with people who say hello to other people if they are just for respect. Giving greetings is a good thing to do.

Living next door, meeting many people around you, but you don’t greet them at all. Other people feel that you are too dirty, because you do not say hello. What’s wrong with you to greet other people, there’s nothing to lose, you know!

2. When bumping into other people, don’t smile

The facial expression that shows a smile at other people really affects yourself and also those around you. Yes, maybe there are still many people who find it difficult to smile. But it would be nice if you try this good habit, by smiling at other people you will transmit happiness that will make other people smile at you too.

With a smile, it is a sign that you are being polite to others. No doubt, smiling can make the mood calmer. Who is still hard to express his face with a smile? Come on, make it a habit to give smiles to other people.

3. Often comment on what other people are doing

Trust me, if you often comment on the people around you, there are those who think you are too meddling in their lives. Indeed you are his neighbor but that does not mean you are involved in taking care of his life.

Who doesn’t get annoyed if their affairs are always commented on? mouth to speak, but not to comment on things that shouldn’t need to be commented on. Reduce in commenting on what people around you do, because the people around you will definitely not be happy if their neighbors have a lot of comments.

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4. It could be because you often invite people around you to talk about other people

Gathering with neighbors is fine if you do something good, but do other people always like it when you meet each other instead of being asked to talk about other people? even though it’s useless for yourself too.

Things that should not be discussed with other people, you should not say it, it is not certain that the people around you are the same as you. Moreover, talking about other people about the bad things. It’s better to stay at home than to waste time on unnecessary things.

5. Borrowed neighbor’s money, but did not return it

It could be because you borrowed money from your neighbor but never returned the money that was borrowed. Maybe you annoyed other people with your behavior.

It’s better if you borrow money, don’t let it be returned. Your name will also be good if you borrow it and can return it.

Don’t do things like those mentioned above again! Remember, as a human being can not live alone. Because neighbors are our closest relatives.


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