Recognize the Attitude of Loving the Environment

Recognize the Attitude of Loving the Environment – The environment is one part of us that we must take care of properly and correctly. A clean and healthy environment will make us healthy too and not easy to get sick. One example of this attitude is by preserving all kinds of cleanliness in the environment.

How do we love the environment? In essence, we can love the environment by always caring for, maintaining, and preserving the environment around us.

Loving the environment can also be done by keeping the environment clean, and not letting it get damaged or dirty.

What are some examples of an attitude of loving the environment that can be applied in everyday life? Check out the explanation below:

1. Dispose of Garbage in its Place
As intelligent beings, it is proper for us to throw garbage in its place. Do not litter, for example, on roads, forests, mountains and even rivers. If we litter, the impact can not only harm humans, but also the animals that live in the area.

2. Planting Plants and Caring For It Well
Planting plants is one example of an attitude of loving the environment that needs to be applied. We need to teach children to cultivate an empathetic attitude towards the environment by planting a variety of plants. After planting it, don’t forget to take care of it by fertilizing and watering it regularly.

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3. Save Electric Energy
Every family needs to save on electricity use so that there is no waste. The trick is to turn off the lights, fans, washing machines and various other furniture after use.

4. Save Water
Water is an important source of life for living things. Do not let us use water for non-essential purposes. Either well water or PDAM, use water wisely so that there is no shortage of water.

5. Don’t Waste Paper
Did you know that the paper you use every day comes from trees? If paper consumption occurs massively, then this will also have an impact on rampant deforestation. Therefore, we need to respect every paper we use and not waste it as an attitude of loving the environment.


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