Often Feel Unworthy? 3 Signs You Have Imposter Syndrome – You have felt unworthy to be in the environment around you, until you have to always try to prove to others that you are competent. Or have you ever felt unworthy of achieving something and felt intimidated by the people around you. In fact, the people around you may not be as good or as great as you think. Now! For more details, see 5 characteristics of people who have imposter syndrome, below!

  • Feeling that he has lied to others, because he always associates success with external factors such as luck, help from others, and others

A person who has imposter syndrome has difficulty realizing that what he achieves comes from himself. Instead of appreciating himself for what he has achieved, he tends to feel that what he gets is just a factor of luck. So, he feels ashamed or afraid of others, because what he gets is not in accordance with the competencies he has.

For example, when you are given promotions and awards, but you don’t feel happy, you actually feel afraid that others will find out that you got it just by luck

  • Have the tagline “If I can, anyone can”

someone who has the syndrome of a fraudster (Imposter syndrome) feels he is not special, does not feel that there are abilities that stand out compared to others. They feel that whatever he can do someone else can do it. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

Someone with imposter syndrome will always say “Oh, that’s nothing. I’m sure my teammates can do the same” or “I don’t offer the company anything special that no one else can.”

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3. Always feels unworthy around other people, so he always tries to prove that he is competent

Call it big artists like Emma Watson who never felt worthy of receiving such an award for her acting. In fact, we know that his acting is very cool. Not only Emma, Nathalie Portman also felt that she was intimidated by her friends at Harvard campus. Thus, requiring him to prove that he deserves to be there.

Based on this, actually there is a sense of intimidation, a desire to prove indicates that we have doubts about ourselves. Actually, when you have achieved something that you have worked for, even then it is proof that you have competence.