How to Maintain the Right Environmental Cleanliness – The rainy season is a scourge for people living in flood-prone areas. Sometimes the cause of flooding does not come from the wrong urban spatial planning, but because of the people’s own mistakes. The habit of littering and not doing greenery in their environment are some of the causes of flooding every rainy season.

Not only to prevent flooding, keeping the environment clean is actually quite important to make the local community healthier and avoid a number of diseases. In addition, a clean and well-maintained environment is certainly more pleasing to the eye.

1. Dispose of trash in its place

The simplest way to keep the environment clean starts from self-awareness to throw garbage in its place. Therefore, the availability of adequate trash bins in our environment also needs to be considered.

If possible, you can create separate trash bins according to type, namely organic and non-organic waste. So, what if we don’t find trash cans around us? Take your trash out first and throw it away when you find a trash can.

2. Keep the house clean

How do you want to keep the environment clean if the cleanliness of your own home is not maintained? Come on, invite your family to keep the house clean. There’s no need to clean every time, you just need to schedule regular cleanings.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the yard, floor, and bathroom. Make sure the inside of the house gets enough air circulation so that your house doesn’t feel stuffy. Also, don’t get used to hanging clothes that have been worn for days. If you don’t intend to use it, you should wash your clothes and store them in the closet.

3. Turn waste into compost

Still remember about the benefits of water hyacinth that can be processed into organic fertilizer? It turns out that not only wild plants can be processed into organic fertilizer, but waste can also be processed into compost, you know. First, make organic and non-organic trash bins. The waste that goes into the organic tub will be processed into compost.

How to make compost is quite easy, just collect organic waste in a bucket or drum container. Then, make a hole in the bottom of this garbage collection container. Next, plant a container of organic waste in the soil to a depth of at least 10 cm. Sprinkle sawdust or soil over the organic waste. After letting it sit for 3 months, remove the container from the ground to air it for 1 week. Well, after that the compost diaper is ready to use.

4. Crush plastic or cardboard containers wadah

After drinking mineral water, you should crush the plastic bottle before throwing it in the trash. Even so with containers made of cardboard, you should tear or squeeze them before throwing them away. Why should we do this? Crushing plastic or cardboard containers is part of how to keep the environment clean.

By destroying plastic or cardboard, the waste cannot be reused. In addition, squeezing plastic or cardboard waste before disposal is also a step to reduce the volume of waste.

5. Recycle trash

Why do you have to recycle trash, when plastic and cardboard containers just have to be crushed and can’t be used anymore? Plastic or cardboard containers cannot be used many times. However, you can recycle waste from other types of waste.

For example, used paint cans can be used instead of flower pots. Then, the detergent wrapper can also be woven into a simple, but very useful shopping bag. Find waste that has the potential to be recycled into safe and harmless objects even though it will be reused.

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6. Community service in the surrounding environment

If you really care about the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, there’s nothing wrong with inviting your neighbors and residents of the complex where you live to do community service. Even though there are already janitors who regularly clean the area where you live, community service between residents is also very important to clean the corners of the complex that are not reached by the cleaners.

7. Close the drain

Is there a drain in front of your house? It is better to close the drain so that it is not dirty because of the garbage that comes from the streets. Open drains will be more easily filled with garbage flying from the street in front of your house. As a result, the waterways become very dirty and full of garbage.

If the drain is full and becomes clogged, then during heavy rains the water in the channel will spill over to the streets and cause flooding. Not only that, open sewers are also prone to become mosquito breeding grounds and increase the risk of transmission of dengue fever

8. Go green

To make the environment where you live so clean and beautiful, you have to do greenery in the surrounding environment. Reforestation can be done by inviting residents together to plant trees and other plants that can green the environment. The more plants that are in your environment, the less air pollution.

9. Don’t hesitate to pick up trash on the street

While walking around the neighborhood, you may come across used plastic bottles or food wrappers. As a person who really cares about the cleanliness of the environment, then take the trash to be disposed of in its place.

Maybe you think that the trash doesn’t belong to you, so it’s not your responsibility to throw it in the right place. Basically, everyone is responsible for the cleanliness of their own environment, so don’t hesitate to pick up trash while on the road and place it in the trash can.

10. Socialization about the importance of maintaining cleanliness

If the local community still doesn’t understand how important it is to keep the environment clean, do socialization by bringing in experts who can explain the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Maintaining cleanliness in the environment around the residence is not only to make the environment more comfortable and pleasing to the eye. However, environmental cleanliness can guarantee our health. Moreover, cleanliness is indeed a part of faith, isn’t it? How to maintain proper environmental cleanliness must start from the cleanliness of oneself and the place where you live. Thus, you can also keep the environment around you clean. Don’t forget to participate and invite other residents where you live to work hand in hand in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment around your residence.