DEFINITION OF ENVIRONMENT MEANING OF TYPES AND ELEMENTS Understanding the Environment Is. What is meant by environment? In general, the notion of environment is the overall physical condition of an area that includes the state of natural resources (soil, water, minerals, solar energy, flora, fauna), including institutions that include human creations such as decisions on how to use the physical environment. Another opinion says that the meaning of the environment is everything that is around humans and relates reciprocally and influences each other.

The environment consists of several environmental components that include all living things (biotic) and also inanimate objects that exist on earth (abiotic). The biotic components are; humans, animals, plants, microorganisms, while the abiotic components are; soil, water, air, light, climate, humidity

Understanding the Environment According to Experts.

In order to better understand what the environment is, we can refer to the opinions of the following experts:

Otto Soemarwoto.

According to Otto Soemarwoto, the notion of the environment is all objects and conditions contained in the space occupied by humans and affect human life.

Emil Salim.

According to Emil Salim, the meaning of the environment is all objects, conditions, conditions, and influences that are in the room that are currently occupied and affect life, be it humans, animals, and plants.

Munajat Danusaputra.

According to Munajat Danusaputra, the notion of the environment is all objects and conditions including humans and their activities, which are contained in the space where humans are and affect the survival and welfare of life and other micro-organisms.

Michael Allaby.

According to Michael Allaby, the environment is a physical, chemical, and biotic environment, which surrounds the life of organisms.

S.J. McNaughton and Larry L. Wolf. According to S.J.

Mcnaughton and Larry L. Wolf, the notion of the environment is all external factors that are biological and physical in nature where these factors will directly affect the life, development, growth, and also the reproductive activity of organisms.